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Do Air Purifiers Improve Sleep?

The short answer to that question is “yes”. However should you like to have some more in depth information on this subject then read on. This is by no means a detailed report as there is enough material on this subject to fill data storage centers the world over. For the sake of brevity we will touch on some of the hot-points. Now, let’s discuss some causes.

Causes of Sleep Issues

CNN Reports that lack of sleep costs the US Economy over $63 billion per year. Inadequate sleep leads to fatigue, daytime drowsiness, lack of mental clarity, and a reduced ability to use one’s resources to solve problems. And the possible causes of sleep issues are:

1. Depression

One of the main symptoms of depression is poor sleep. To stay in the best possible mental and emotional state, surprisingly, one component is the indoor environment. Indoor air (unfiltered) is a murky soup of cleaning chemicals , dust, dust mites, mould, stove fumes, and fine particle pollution (that is car exhaust that hangs inside until you breathe it in). A healthy environment is one that is cleaned on a regular basis. An air purifier keeps your indoor air quality in peak condition and adsorbs VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Austin Air Purifiers absorb the chemicals, fumes, and fine particles, protecting your mental and emotional state, and allowing you to get to sleep faster and stay sleeping.

2. Work, work, work

Lack of sleep is a serious problem in our constantly moving, 24/7 society: People are getting thousands of hours less sleep than they once were. Sleep is being “decimated” by our overstimulated culture with so much technology and gadgetry that distracts everyone all the time. Plus, people are overworked, so they no longer have enough time to do the things they want during the week. As a result, they stay up even later on weekends so they can compensate. Making work the lifestyle and even going so far as to wear your lack of sleep as a badge of honor places the desired outcomes at risk.

3. Making sleep a priority

Sleep is “just as important as good nutrition, physical activity and wearing your seatbelt” — but many people greatly underestimate their need for it. Mark Rosekind, member of the National Transportation Safety Board: “Every aspect of who you are as a human, every capability is degraded, impaired, when you lose sleep. What does that mean? Your decision-making, reaction time, situational awareness, memory, communication, and those things go down by 20 to 50 percent.”

4. Health Risks

When sleep gets shorter than seven hours a night, there’s evidence that there’s an increased risk for obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even Alzheimer’s disease. David Gozal of University of Chicago, a doctor who conducted a study linking an increased risk for cancer to lack of sleep. Almost all mental illnesses have associated sleep problems, experts say. In fact, sleep deprivation is nearly universal in every psychiatric condition, from bipolar disorder to anxiety disorders.

So, Back to our Question: Do Air Purifiers Improve Sleep?

Yes air purifiers do improve your sleep. These machines such as Austin Air Purifiers HealthMate purify the air by trapping 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns, airborne allergens such as dust, dust mites, pet hair, pet dander, mold spores, chemicals, viruses and lots of bacteria that cause congestion keeping you awake at night. Suffering from allergies is among the top results of sleepless nights. If you suffer with  congestion, stuffy noses, sneezing, sinus headaches, and shortness of breath, then how could you possibly sleep? A premium segment air purifier absorb the causes for these symptoms. Here’s the equation: Air Purifier – Allergens = Sleep.

Moreover, some air filter systems release low levels of white noise, which contribute as a sleep aid. Many people fall asleep using white noise, a term for static frequencies that are blended together to create soothing ambient sounds. This white noise is produced from the fan of some air purifiers such as the HealthMate +, that can block outside noise to a noticeable extent. As a result, it will help you get to sleep faster.

One more reason to buy an air purifier to improve sleep is the fresh air. Did you know that we sleep best in a cool environment? Clean fresh air helps your body cool it’s temperature, burn the calories and rest easier.

Let’s face it all of us really need a good sleep, sleep restores us physically, mentally, and emotionally. When we sleep, the brain clears out toxic chemicals — and one of the proteins that accumulates in the brain while awake is associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Jeffrey Iliff, a doctor at Oregon Health and Science University, talks about this in his research into the link between poor sleep, clear thinking and Alzheimer’s.

This is by no means a detailed accounting, there is so much evidence out there informing us on the benefits of sleep it really boggles the mind how we do not apply the simple lessons afforded us. The good news is that sleep can “inspire creativity, re-balance emotions, help refresh cardiovascular health, metabolic health and boost our immune system.” We just have to decide we are going to get it and commit to doing it. Unfortunately in our go-go, achievement, tech oriented society this may be easier said than done. At least you know you can get yourself an Austin Air Purifier to get that sleep faster and more effectively than you would otherwise.

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