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All over the world and in the United States Austin Air Purifiers are purchased in bulk by the US Government for the EPA, FEMA, and many US Embassies. Also, many state governments, hundreds of school systems – including those in California, New York, and Texas – and major institutions such as Johns Hopkins University and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to name a few, all come to Austin for their air purifying needs.

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For decades, we have worked closely with government agencies as-well-as leading private institutions. For example in 2000 the US government extensively tested Austin AirPurifiers alongside more than 100 others. The tests confirmed Austin Air Purifiers are the most effective at removing chemicals and VOC’s from the environment.These ground-breaking tests led to work with FEMA and the American Red Cross on some of the  most challenging disasters to date. Among these unfortunate events are 9-11, Hurricane Katrina, HurricaneSandy, and the 2015 SolCal gas leak in California. We are committed to a better life through clean air. It is our honor to serve you.

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