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Here we answer the questions:

What goes into building an Austin Air Purifier?

What exactly are you paying for?

  •  #1

  • At over 480,000 square feet, Austin Air maintains the largest air purifier manufacturing facility in the world, located in Buffalo, New York, USA. We design, machine tool and build all our own products in-house. From the filters and the steel housing, to the final baked-on powder coat of paint.
  • #2

    The purpose designed perforated 24 gauge steel housing is actually a 360 degree air intake continuously pulling in air from its circumference. The louvered air output is designed to provide a clean air pocket immediately.
  • #3

    The filters, how we order them, the size shape and the stages of our filters have been planned out by us to specific tolerances and mixtures. The cylinder filter inside (that we design and build ourselves) maximizes surface area to capture particulates.
    For example the activated carbon zeolite makeup in the HealthMate has been formulated by our team to exacting standards to achieve the best possible odor & chemical removal result. Whereas in the HealthMate+ the carbon filter is impregnated with potassium iodide to handle chemicals such as ammonia and formaldehyde. Every HealthMate is taylor made for its purpose.
  • #4

    Our engine (or motor) is a split capacitor motor rated for high rpm running and continuous use.
  • #5

    All Austin Air Purifier machines are made from 24 gauge steel construction. The plastic bits? The knob and the casters, thats it!
  • #6

    Our machines are specific to Australia with proper plug and electrics. Do not purchase an American machine for the Australian outlets, it would require a converter. And a converter is not recommended.
  • #7

    We are methodical in our approach: Plastic off-gases as do spray paints. We do not want (and nor do you, we believe) want the machine that is cleaning your air also polluting it at the same time. That 24 gauge steel is powder coated and the paint is baked on – again – a quality process that takes to mind our customers who are sensitive to paints and chemical off-gassing.

A word about LED’s and air meters

LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) that other machines use are bright and can be disruptive if you are running your purifier in your bedroom at night.  Also they rarely display any information that is essential.
Air quality meter – it is not possible to have an air meter that is reliable and consistent on or in the machine. The least expensive meters that are of any quality cost around $600.00USD, and should be set away from the machine so you can take a proper reading.
You will not need to replace an Austin Air filter for 5 years. Most other machines today need a 6 month to a year filter change schedule. (at a cost of $100.00AUD to $150.00AUD per change).


Finally we offer you a 30 day risk free trial because we know we’ve built a quality machine with a 30+ year track record behind it. We know that once you turn your machine on it will do the job we say. If it does not or if you are not satisfied return it for a full refund, no questions asked.
We provide a 5 year warranty on manufacture because we build our machines to the highest possible standard. Our standard.
Our guiding star is from yesterday in that we build machines to last a lifetime. But we are firmly planted in today because our machines continue to be the best at what they do – clean the air you breathe of harmful toxins, chemicals, pollutants and odors. We’ve not rested on our laurels as we continue to improve.  You would be hard pressed to find a machine that does what ours do and are built to last. We cost more because we do indeed change lives.
For more information ​contact us​ today to learn  how we can help you breathe pure air!

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