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30 day money back guarantee – If our machines do not work as advertised – Return them for a full refund, no questions asked.

Clean Air

Steel construction for durability. Baked on powder coat paint process eliminates VOC’s. Four stage air filtration with proprietary mixtures guarantees hospital clean room atmosphere.  

Protect yourself from:

Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Cancer.


Our original and most popular unit. Protects against every day indoor pollutants.

Lack Of Energy, Obesity, Depression.

HealthMate Plus®

Designed to effectively remove chemicals, gases, VOC’s and formaldehyde.

Poor Sleep, Headaches, Allergies.

The Allergy Machine

Provides maximum protection for people with asthma and mold problems.

The Potential Dangers of Polluted Air

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    • Independent Review

      Toms Guide

      The Austin Air Healthmate HM-400’s main selling point is its high-performing and long-lasting filters, which handle everything from mold and pet dander to gas and chemical contaminants…  it gets high marks from reviewers for filtering volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that come from household products such as paints, pesticides and air fresheners better than most other machines on the market. 

    • Buyer Review

      Adam B

      Excellent Air Filter for Pet Dander I’m very impressed with the Austin Air Pet Machine. It’s very quiet on medium and low, while still providing excellent air filtration. I would highly recommend it to my friends and family. My mother-in-law has severe allergies to cats, since having the Austin Air Pet Machine we are able to have her over to the house without having to worry about her having an allergic reaction to the pet dander

    • Buyer Review

      Emily G

      We think this has been our very best air cleaner yet removing dust, animal dust dander, mold, micro’s an more Our air quality has truly improved Nothing is perfect but this one is a good one !!

    • Buyer Review


      Great product. I’ve had it for a month and, so far, I’m very happy with it. I moved into a brand new office that still had that oppressive new furniture / fiberboard smell and lots of dust from ongoing construction. I bought this machine and it made an immediate difference. My office just smells fresher and I don’t have the same itchy eyes and sinuses I had before. It’s easy to operate and really surprisingly quiet, especially compared to other air purifiers I’ve used in the past for pet allergies. It’s also a nice size and totally unobtrusive. I highly recommend it.

    • Buyer Review

      Pixie R


    • Buyer Review


      The best air purifier! What an awesome air purifier. My daughter has allergies and the air purifier works great. She was playing in a room where there is no purifier and started having difficulty breathing. I took her to her bedroom where the air purifier is and almost immediately she was breathing just fine. Needless to say I bought two more air purifiers to put in the rooms she plays in.

    • Independent Review


      The more closely you look at Austin Air Cleaners, the more impressed you will become.

    • Buyer Review

      Susan L

      Great product! Started running it for the first hour and about 20 minutes after it running I noticed the air in the room smelled fresher and cleaner. When my daughter came in the house she said she noticed that the house smelled cleaner and the air itself was better. We have 3 birds, a dog, and a cat in the house. My allergies are not as bad as they were before.

    • Buyer Review


      Amazing!!! For months at a time I would have allergy attacks every time I woke up from sleep, and every time I came home. It has been exhausting and draining. I was at my wit’s end and finally caved in. I bought an allergy machine and within ten minutes of being in the room with it I could feel the inflammation in my sinus’s going down and symptoms of the attack disappear. For the two nights I forgot to bring the Machine into the bedroom I woke up in the middle of the night and morning having allergy symptoms. After a few weeks of use my immune system feels stronger. I feel better rested, and I can breathe… through my nose! I would give this machine a hundred stars if I could.

    • Buyer Review


      Solid and Long Lasting Both of my HealthMates are over 20 years old. I have run them 24 hours a day , they are off only when the power goes out or its time for a filter change. I have used them both in my medical office and at home. They have survived being in 14 inches of water twice, only needing a filter replacement- brilliant that the motor is on top! Never any plastic off-gassing when brand new, nothing has ever broken. And , of course, they have filtered a variety of pollutants effectively and quickly. What more needs to be said?

    • Buyer Review

      Charles S

      Allergies better. After 4 days use I my bedroom I can tell the difference in my allergies

    • Buyer Review


      Our cat likes it too! We bought the pet machine over a year ago, and we roll it from room to room to help and the whole family breath more easily. Even the cat likes it!

    • Independent Review

      Allergy Buyers Club

      Even though I have only used it for a short time, it has taken out the natural-gas smell that has permeated my apartment. It has also helped tremendously with my allergies.

    • Buyer Review

      Juliet M

      Wonderful clean air machine! Works great and we sleep much better than before. We are both asthmatics and this really does the job.

    • Buyer Review

      Austin Kern

      Love this thing! I take my Austin air (Healthmate Junior Plus) everywhere – vacations, etc. Have been using it daily for several months – maybe close to a year now. Grateful to have finally found an air purifier that does its job really well! I just bought The Bedroom Machine for my mom because she’s been struggling for years with severe migraines, sinus issues, allergies, etc. After two nights of her borrowing my Healthmate Junior Plus (running it even on the lowest setting while she’s sleeping), she reported waking up without some of her troublesome symptoms. And my dad mentioned that she’s breathing better when sleeping. Even a family friend voluntarily mentioned that she can hear improvements in my mom’s voice; she said, “she sounds better.” I’m feeling a sincere appreciation right now because if you only knew how many air purifiers she’s tried, and the endless doctors appointments and allergy shots she’s needed over the years. Anecdotal as these may be, I’m just thankful that something has begun to help. It’s been consistently helping me, and with zero defects, for as long as I’ve had it.

    • Buyer Review


      Wow!!! Thank you Austin Air! I am extremely grateful for the superbly built product. We had our son scheduled for surgery to remove his adenoids and glands in his nose due to extreme allergies, they stayed inflamed and enlarged. Our son is only 6 years old and suffered daily with allergies. Out of desperation I pored over material about HEPA filters. Around the 1st of this year I settled on your bedroom product. It took a few weeks before my son started seeing a difference, but wow, what a difference! He has gone from waking up snotty, sneezing and suffering. To waking up perfectly normal. We went for our pre op appointment 2 days ago and the surgeon is so pleased with his results that he is postponing his surgery!! We will take a wait and see approach. If you are trying to decide on a product go for it with this one, you will not regret it! Just remember to get the product and give it time to clean your environment, and give your body time to calm down from whatever it’s been exposed to. It may not happen overnight but over time you will see fantastic results! We will be buying more these products and I highly recommend them to anyone.

    • Buyer Review

      Melissa C

      Clean! This is the second machine we purchased in the last six months. One machine is upstairs in our bedroom. This machine is downstairs in a larger room. The air in our entire house is cleaner and we are no longer coughing! Our daughter has a machine in her classroom. The children profit from the filtering of their classroom air! Thank you for developing this effective health-aid!!

    • Buyer Review

      Katherine B

      Breathing fresh air! We renovated our bedroom around 6 months ago and added built-in closets. The off-gassing from the particle board was horrible. I had headaches and dreaded sleeping in my own room. Now, I am breathing sweet air!

    • Buyer Review

      Emily F

      Game Changer My son and I both suffer from terrible allergies. I call it our family’s inheritance. I ordered two air filters – one for each of our bedrooms. The day they arrived was like Christmas! I immediately plugged both of them in so they could get to work. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in nose stuffiness and night time coughing. This has been an excellent product to invest in. Also, I accidentally over ordered when I made the initial order online. As customer service rep called to make sure that that was my intention. It wasn’t! I so appreciate that they went the extra mile to make sure I wasn’t overspending. Fantastic product, fantastic service!

    • Buyer Review

      MT S

      Everyone sleeping better, including our dogs! We noticed a positive change the first night we had this. We all slept better and our one dog, who had been snoring for the past year, stopped snoring altogether and even stayed on top of the covers so he could take in the clean air. The next night was even more significant with my own constant nighttime congestion completely gone. Our daughter walked in the room and said “the air is so much cleaner and fresher.” Thank you Austin Air, you change lives, for the better!

    • Buyer Review

      Lindsey W

      Crisp, Clean Air! We keep this in our babies room at night and in the living room during the day. We have pets and live in an older home and could immediately tell a difference in the air quality. Our baby sleeps better with the “white noise” it produces on level 3. However, you can’t even hear it on level 1 of you want it in your living room. Highly recommend!

    • Buyer Review

      Susan B

      Highly recommended Bought it, love it. I take the unit to work, home, and move it all around. I am highly reactive to mold and extremely grateful I had the good sense to invest in this unit.

    • Buyer Review

      Derek G

      Fantastic sleeping machine! I received the Junior Austin air and was surprised of the size compared to the standard full sized unit that I purchased. The Fan speeds are so quiet that I put it on my night stand to blow the purified air above my head while I sleep. For the last two weeks I’ve been waking up allergy symptom free, which is amazing. I wish it had wheels and a luggage cart handle with a cover case to take with me traveling. I’ll have to improvise on a design to take it with me. The low setting is the quietest I’ve ever experienced. I will probably get the carbon filter next time, but it was great as it is. Thanks Austin Air! 🙂 Very satisfied customer.

    • Buyer Review

      Rachel L

      Does what you want, even better than you wanted I got this filter for asthma and because I hate cleaning up visible dust all the time–the usual reasons. Of course it’s helped with those, but what I didn’t expect was the sudden smell difference in the house. You know how every home has a smell, but you’re so used to your own that you don’t notice it? Now I do! The filter is in a bedroom, and I immediately feel and smell the difference walking through the door. It’s just a basic house smell, nothing egregious by any means, but that bedroom has noticeably cleaner air. Thank you, Austin, for awakening me to this secret knowledge!

    • Independent Review


      In our past tests for VOC/odor/molecular-pollution removal, the Austin’s 15-pound activated-carbon and zeolite (an adsorbent mineral) filter bested all other air purifiers by a wide margin, and our research has not revealed another purifier that matches it.

    Austin Air?

    Our machines absorb over 3000 odors allergens and chemicals from the air you breathe.

    • 24 gauge steel construction, not plastic

    • Staged 360° filter system for optimal results

    • 30+ years of innovation evolution & reliability

    • Clinically proven not once but many times over
    • Used in disaster relief under adverse conditions

    Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

    VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects.

    Dust Mites

    In addition to allergic rhinitis, dust mite allergy can also trigger asthma and flares of eczema.


    Viruses can infect all types of life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea.


    Microparticles encountered in daily life include pollen, sand, dust, flour, and powdered sugar.

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