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The Hidden Potential in the Air We Breathe

The public conversation regarding overall health and wellness focuses on diet whether it be paleo, vegan or vegetarian, plant based food intake for the best possible conditioning. We talk about hydration. And the conversation shifts again to cardiovascular, gut, muscular, skeletal, and cognitive wellness. We listen to dietitians, influencers and health coaches about these strategies. However, no one is discussing the truth hiding in plain site. The air we breathe. The air we breathe has a direct affect on us physically, psychologically, emotionally, it affects our cognitive acuity… Lets talk about the air we breathe and our health today, because tomorrow maybe too late. We are – all of us – living a miracle life brought to us by industry, science and technology. Not one of our ancestors had to manage the chemicals, viruses, fine particle pollution and compounds hiding in the air. Let’s start this discussion, but first – pick up the white paper we wrote on the subject The Hidden Potential in the Air We Breathe and arm yourself with the facts.

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