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Stay safe during the lock down

Over the next several weeks at least we will all be spending much more time at home. Some of us will be working from home, some of us will be homeschooling and almost all of us (myself included) will just be watching lots more TV. Whatever you’re doing in the coming weeks, you’re doing it at home. So as we learn to live with our new routines, it is really important that we keep our living space clean, safe and free from pollutants and the very best way we know to do that is using an Austin HealthMate Air Purifier.

More cooking means more pollutants

For the time being our old lives are on hold, all bars and restaurants are closed. Which means we’re preparing a lot more meals at home. And more cooking means more pollutants are floating around and the best way to absorb those noxious fumes is to run a HealthMate + machine.

Run your Austin to reduce pollutants in the kitchen

In 2016 we joined forces with John Hopkins University, to show how our units can help reduce pollutants in the home, particularly those coming from the kitchen. Gas stoves are a major source of pollution, as they emit Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), which can cause coughing, wheezing and chest tightness, a real problem for people with ongoing respiratory issues. Our work with the university found that running an Austin Air significantly improved air quality and reduced NO2 levels dramatically.

Other ways to freshen up the air

The next best option is to run your range hood when preparing food. And failing that, open a window or door to let the pollutants escape. Even just a few minutes with the window open can help to freshen up the air indoors.

Avoid air fresheners and scented candles

You may be tempted to ‘freshen up’ the air with a scented candle or air freshener but many of these products can be a real risk to our health. Even products that claim to be natural, often contain harmful ingredients. Why not try a few drops of essential oil mixed with water in a spray bottle, it’ll freshen up your home without the need for chemicals.

Lock down is the perfect time to spring clean

What better time than now to give your house a deep and thorough spring clean. It’ll keep you busy and make your home somewhere you want to spend time. But watch out, some cleaning products use chemicals that can have a serious impact on our health. A recent study found that certain cleaning products can increase a child’s chance of developing asthma. Opt instead for natural products, such as our favorite, Koala Eco. They use only natural ingredients, to ensure you can clean your home without the toxins.

Austin Air Purifiers keep the air in your home clean and safe

If you’re worried about the air quality in your home, why not check out our range of air purifiers. Designed to remove all the pollutants we talk about here as well as allergens, dander, dust, VOC’s, viruses and bacteria. Running an Austin in your home will ensure the air is clean, safe and pollutant free.

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