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 “What is hidden in the air you are breathing costing you?”

‘Is it costing you time? Is it costing you money? Or is it costing your your health and wellness?’

From Director Austin Air Systems, Shane Barbanel

How clean is the water in the sewar system? You would be correct if you say it’s riddled with all sorts of chemicals, viruses, and pathogens. You cannot see the fine particle poluttion in the air you breathe at home, at work, in the hotel or at the gym either!The same way you can’t see Covid.Listen, the air you breathe is the most crucial part of your wellness journey. Shane is sharing exclusive secrets to taking charge of the air you breathe his E-Book Your Breath Your Life, for a limited time. If you picked up the White paper and found it interesting, then you will find this ebook of greater value because we take a deeper dive into the air we breathe and it’s impact on all our body systems. In this book, you will learn how the quality of the air we breathe you can affect our lives. Once you fully grasp how deep all of this runs and why air quality matters so much, you will learn how you can take control of the air that you are breathing and make the most of it, avoiding some of the most common pitfalls in air quality and getting your air as close to perfect as possible.

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“I implemented Austin to optimize indoor air quality specifically keeping contagions to a minimum, removing mold spores and toxins brought in by patients, and removing solvents and particulate matter from outdoor air pollutions.  Keeps our facility safe for chronically ill and asthma patients. I recommend your products to patients several times daily.”

Dr. Julie BarterNorthwest Functional Medicine Whitefish, MT

“There are a lot of places we can’t control what is the air and what we injest. That’s why I wanted to make sure I breath clean air while in my home for my entire family.”

Heather Mitts Three-Time Olvmpic Gold Medalist, Former Member of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team

“You don’t think air quality is important until you get Austin running 24/7 in your house…..I can sleep much better at night”

Zack MossRunning Back for the Buffalo Bills

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